Skin Care


Who Are Revitol?

Revitol are a highly respected Health & Skin Care company, based in the USA that have been pioneering revolutionary health & skin care treatments since 2002.

Their reputation has been lifted by a huge amount of coverage concerning the positive effects of their products. Plus they only use NATURAL ingredients throughout their product range.

What Types Of Skin Treatments Does Revitol Help?

They produce a large range of products;

  • Skin Treatments
  • Anti-Ageing Solutions
  • Body Hair Removal Cream
  • Stretch Mark Prevention
  • Natural Sun Block Cream
  • Acne Treatments
  • Cellulite treatment and removal



Revitol Scar Remover Skin Care Range

What Are Revitol Best Known For?

Revitol are probably best known for their ground breaking Scar Removal Cream. However, they are also leaders in Anti-Ageing and Ance treatments and have a full range of outstanding products for all types of skin care and skin conditions.


Revitol Scar Remover Cream Link


Why Is Habesha Jewellery Market promoting Revitol?

We set out a while ago to look for high quality every day, none jewellery products, that we could offer to our customers that they would find useful.

Habesha Jewellery Market is mostly followed by ladies (and run by them) so it is natural that we looked to Health, Skin Care & Beauty products!

We did a lot of research into Revitol and found them to have an excellent reputation not only for their products but their customer service and shipping arrangements.

Will It Cost Me More To Buy These Products through Habesha Than Going Direct To Revitol?

The easy answer is NO!

You will deal with Revitol directly and they will handle order and ship the items directly to your door!

In fact shopping through Habesha Jewellery Market will open you up to special deals on their website you may not get anywhere else! Its the best way to shop!


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