The making of an Ethiopian Coptic Cross

Ethiopian Coptic Cross

Lost Wax Process – Ethiopian Coptic Cross

The Ethiopian Coptic Cross has been made by ‘hand’ for centuries and even today there are still craftsmen manufacturing these stunning items by hand using what is called the ‘Lost Wax Process’.

This is an ancient casting process that uses a solid ‘wax’ frame design of the Coptic Cross design that the craftsman wants to produce.


Ethiopian Coptic Cross Clay Mould


The wax frame is then used as a mould by completely covering the frame design in soft clay. When the design is completely covered, it is set out in the sun to dry. When it is dry, it is then ‘fired’ in an extremely hot charcoal fire.

At this time, the metal used to make the desired Coptic Cross (mixed metal Silver/Brass) is prepared and melted in an ‘ingot’. The ingot sits in the burning fire with the clay moulds until fully molten.


Ethiopian Coptic Cross Mould Being Fired


The molten metal is then taken from the fire with the clay mould. The molten metal is then poured into the clay mould. The wax is evaporated in the mould as the molten metal is poured into it. The metal replaced the wax.

The Clay Mould is then dipped/quenched in cold water to reduce its heat so the metal will cool. It is again set aside to ‘set’

Once the craftsman is happy that the metal has become fully solid and will be workable, he breaks the clay mould. He is left with a metal Coptic Cross that he will later ‘work’ intricate designs into, until he is happy that the piece is complete


Ethiopian Coptic Cross Being Worked


It is a truly manual process from beginning to end. Only when you realise the time and effort and skills that go into making an Ethiopian Coptic Cross do you begin to understand it’s true ‘human value’.

The fact that the whole process is done by hand with each item being handmade and engraved, you are completely assured that NO two Coptic Crosses are the same and that you are wearing or holding something in your hand that is truly unique!

Using the ancient ‘Lost Wax’ process also gives each piece an authentic ancient feel and aura that mass produced Jewellery just can not match. That in itself creates real value.

Watch the Video below to see the whole Lost Wax Process, in the making of a Coptic Cross..


The Making Of A Coptic Cross – Lost Wax Process


Where can I buy an Ethiopian Coptic Cross?

If you want to buy one the of the Coptic Crosses made in the Video you can do. Just visit our store.

When you reach the Page showing Ethiopian Coptic Crosses, simply choose the design you like, click on the button and you will be taken directly to the manufacturers page. There you will see other design you can choose from.

Please note and be assured that you will be buying direct from the supplier/manufacturer in the Video. You will own an authentic Ethiopian Coptic Cross made by hand, by the Lost Wax Process.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and video. We hope to have many more in the future!

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