Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Why Ethiopian Coffee Beans Are The Best

Ethiopian Coffee BeansEthiopian Coffee is amongst the worlds most unique coffee types, offering a variety of tastes from winey to fruity. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is smooth, together with floral tones and is one of the very best selections with respect to iced coffee (if that’s your thing) you can get. Coffee directly from Ethiopia is a pleasure that really should not be missed!

Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee. The majestic coffees coming from this nation are worthy of such a legacy and stand up to scrutiny as well as regal naming.

Describing Ethiopia as a country of singular origin, however, is deceiving. Coffees from the a variety of growing territories differ so unbelievably that they do not perhaps even appear to be from the very same nation!


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is an incredible and unique coffee. Yirgacheffe is a town in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, and the coffees coming from this particular area will amaze you with their floral as well as tangerine tones.

In a supreme Yirgacheffe coffee, even the coffee grounds have an exotic tropical toasted coconut scent that will floor you over with its charms. Occasionally Coffee Joe’s will attempt to compare and contrast Yirgacheffes to various other coffees, for example, a bright Central American or an interesting Kenyan, just south of the border from Ethiopia, however, there genuinely no serious comparison.

I suppose one could contrast a fresh Beaujolais exploding with wild fruit to a regal aged Cabernet which has been thinking of being a wine for a many years and call them both reds, and yet … well you somewhat get my point.


Yet another incredible growing region within Ethiopia is that of Harrar. The Ethiopian Harrar area is a wild collection of coffees. What’s a wild coffee, you ask? The phrase is actually a lavish name with regard to dry process or natural coffee where the coffee fruit dries out on the bean, infusing the flavors of compote fruit as well as dark rich chocolate.

Ethiopian Harrar are this and so much more! You will taste blueberry jam, cocoa, and perhaps even a hint of cinnamon as well as cardamom in these incredible coffees.


Coffee holds a special place in Ethiopian culture and the hearts of its people that eclipses that of the coffees coming from other regions of the world. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is something to experience and behold. It is a fascinating fact that the vast majority of the Ethiopian coffee beans annual production does not even leave the country! It is drunk with wonderful ceremony as well as honour by the Ethiopian people.

Compare that to other nations where coffee is a money crop, with the finest being exported, and the chaffs retained locally and consumed unceremoniously along with an abundance of milk and sugar to chug it down with.

Just one taste of an outstanding coffee from Ethiopia, you will understand the infatuation for Ethiopian Coffee Beans all around the globe.