About Us

We are Habesha family, steeped in Ethiopia’s rich history and ways. Our father died when we were all very young but our mother lead the way for us to be educated in Addis Abba. It was hard for her but she did everything she could.

Our mother provided for us well so growing up in the Addis Ababa, although difficult, we were blessed. Our mother passed away but we still keep her memory alive. Business has always been in our families blood so we are pleased to launch this website and introduce our Habesha Jewellery Market concept.

We try to supply and promote for sale Traditional Habesha – Ethiopian & Eritrea Jewellery We try to add Jewellery that will be of interest to all people with prices that vary to fit all pockets.

We hope you enjoy our offerings and help us to grow. We are on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram so please like and follow us. Thank you and God Bless.


Church of St George at LALIBELA Ethiopia